Grih-lakshmi program is a step in the direction of making women partner in the economic empowerment and making them self-reliant.

  • Working with more than 125 enterprising women from 7 villages
  • Women are provided with high yield saplings of Papaya and Pumpkin ( starting with 5/10 saplings of papaya per woman)
  • Small kitchen gardens of Papaya, Pumpkin and seasonal vegetables have been built in the backyard of houses
  • Assured income flow of INR 10000 annually being obtained through local sales of Papaya and Pumpkin
  • Nutritional security ensured for the dependent families of women entrepreneurs

Woman Entrepreneur with Papaya plant in her backyard

Woman Entrepreneur and her family with Papaya Plant

Meeting with women under Grih-lakshmi Program

Meeting with Gulab Self Help Group, Badgaon