Tuberculosis (TB) Awareness, Prevention and Control in Gaya, Bihar

Tuberculosis is a great concern in India. Of the 8.6 million TB cases reported throughout the world in 2014, 2.2 million (25%) cases occurred in India alone; making it world’s highest TB burden country. Primary reason for growing burden is poverty, lack of monitoring and long duration of the treatment. Through our program, we are trying to ensure universal access and adherence to TB treatment. Activities-

  • Identification of TB infected patients in Konch Block
  • Working with 6 ASHA Workers and Rural Medical Practitioners
  • Working with 20 TB Patients
  • Regular interaction with identified patients and assistance in regular check-ups
  • 5 patients considered TB Negative
  • Capacity building of Patients and ASHA workers
  • Better co-ordination and regular interaction with all stake-holders
  • Audio and video messages by TB experts for awareness about TB
  • Baaldoot (Child Ambassador Program for awareness)
  • Mobile App to track out progress of TB patients