Under Project Onion, we are working with farmers in a bid to transform agriculture from a mere traditional occupation to a respectable profession. We want to make everyone believe that farming is a profitable business and indeed Agriculture is Desh ka Culture. FY 2016-17 Update:

  • Working with 75 individual farmers, 4 FPOs, 8 women entrepreneurs and 1 women federation
  • Model spread across 25+ villages in 4 districts of Bihar
  • Intercropping technique being employed to reduce crop failure risk


Under Project Vermi, we are working with farmers having cattle in a multi-fold business model. Each cattle shed is being installed with 1 vermi-bed having 8-10Q dung processing capacity. Following benefits are realizable:

  • High quality Vermicompost which can be applied in agricultural fields for excellent yield
  • Liquid excess water from the bed called as Vermiwash, acts as an organic nutrient for plants
  • Excess amount of Vermiwash, vermi and vermicompost can be sold separately and high in demand


Grih-lakshmi program is a step in the direction of making women partner in the economic empowerment and making them self-reliant.

  • Working with more than 125 enterprising women from 7 villages
  • Women are provided with high yield saplings of Papaya and Pumpkin ( starting with 5/10 saplings of papaya per woman)
  • Small kitchen gardens of Papaya, Pumpkin and seasonal vegetables have been built in the backyard of houses
  • Assured income flow of INR 10000 annually being obtained through local sales of Papaya and Pumpkin
  • Nutritional security ensured for the dependent families of women entrepreneurs


We are doing commercial farming of Moringa, 1st time being done in Bihar. We have adopted multi-cropping approach with Moringa to reduce risk and manage recurring income. As we speak, all our plants have flowered and should bear fruits very soon.


Rainbow gardening brings “Do-It-Yourself” (DIY) farming at one’s rooftop. It caters to basic nutrition needs of family members, ensuring well being and leads to a sustainable environment.

  • Water saving with drip irrigation system
  • SMS controlled irrigation mechanism
  • Easy monitoring on basic nutrition suggested by WHO


We are doing commercial farming of small sized Kohra, which can be consumed by a small family one time. This was being done 1st time done in Bihar. We have been able to get a very good crop with 25kg yield from our small pilot. We plan to replan it in a bigger way next season.


Tuberculosis is a great concern in India. Of the 8.6 million TB cases reported throughout the world in 2014, 2.2 million (25%) cases occurred in India alone; making it world’s highest TB burden country. Primary reason for growing burden is poverty, lack of monitoring and long duration of the treatment. Through our program, we are trying to ensure universal access and adherence to TB treatment Activities-

  • Identification of TB infected patients in Konch Block
  • Working with 6 ASHA Workers and Rural Medical Practitioners
  • Working with 20 TB Patients
  • Regular interaction with identified patients and assistance in regular check-ups